A Guelph man killed at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport last week was off the clock when he was killed, his family says.

Terry Jay, 23, was clearing snow in a parking lot near the airport last Friday when a mechanical problem with a truck caused him to be pinned between parts of the truck.

Family members say Jay was helping out a co-worker – something they have no problem believing, as he was always willing to lend a hand.

“Apparently Terry … wasn’t even on the clock. He just stayed to help someone,” says his mother, Paula Deter.

Deter says she’s been looking for answers regarding the investigation into Jay’s death, but hasn’t received many.

The Ministry of Labour is investigating the incident and has issued a number of orders to Aerodrome International Maintenance, the company Jay was working for, asking for paperwork to be provided to investigators.

Jay ran a tree removal business and a popular charity providing Christmas trees for Guelph families in need.

“It doesn’t feel like he’s gone,” says Deter.

“He was our world. We love him so much.”

A trust fund has been set up for his three-year-old daughter.

Cheques payable to Paula Deter in Trust can be deposited at any TD Bank by using transit number 2508 and account number 6082466.