Guelph police say they made an arrest Wednesday morning in an alleged drunk driving case from New Year’s Day.

According to police, a vehicle was stopped shortly after midnight Jan. 1 on Speedvale Avenue East.

Following a breathalyzer test, the driver of the vehicle was arrested and charged with impaired driving. The driver identified himself to police as Richard Ruffolo.

On Jan. 3, a man visited a police station and told police he was Richard Ruffolo, but was not the man driving the car stopped two days earlier. He had been alerted to the issue when he saw his name in media reports of the incident.

Police investigation confirmed the man’s claims.

Wednesday morning, police arrested a man at a Dawson Road address.

Brandon Southcott, a 28-year-old Guelph resident, has been charged with the initial impaired driving offence as well as identity fraud, obstructing police, public mischief and driving while suspended.

Southcott will appear in court Feb. 15.

All charges against Richard Ruffolo have been dropped.