Wrestlers from around the world are competing at the Canada Cup on Saturday, hosted by the University of Guelph.

Teams from six different countries, including Canada, Russia, Puerto Rico, and China are attending the international tournament.

It’s a senior event, and most competitors are between the ages of 18-30.

Many local wrestlers, as well as Canada’s national team are in attendance.

“Guelph has about 10 people in the tournament,” says Doug Cox, the head coach at the University of Guelph, “and Brock will have about 10-15 people. There are a lot of athletes from other area schools as well.”

On Friday, the non-Olympic weight trials were held at the university. The trials are used as a ranking event for the men’s and women’s non-Olympic weight categories.

 “It’s a great event,” says Cox. “It’s a nice opportunity for people in the community to see and experience this level of wrestling.”

The international tournament is hosted by the University of Guelph annually.