GUELPH-ERAMOSA -- A Guelph-Eramosa girl is starring in a new TV show, sharing her admiration for agriculture with other kids.

"I teach kids how life on the farm is," said Gabby, who is six years old.

Gabby's family asked that her last name not be publicly shared. Their farm, which is just outside of Guelph, now hosts the show "Gabby's Farm."

It's aimed at teaching pre-schoolers about counting, colours and life on the farm.

The show's creators, Chloe Gray and Daniel Bourre with BGM Media, said they want to encourage agricultural education.

"We're always looking to see what stories aren't being told and how we can be inclusive of different communities," Bourre said. "We were sort of looking at what we hadn't seen in the market, what we hadn't seen on other channels, and we felt that farming and agriculture was a big one that was missing, especially in pre-school television for early learners."

Alfons Weersink with the University of Guelph said offering education to a younger age group could encourage next generation farmers and food sustainability.

Weersink said he's noticing more students staying in the family farm business.

"Informing people about how their food is produced is beneficial to consumers in general and the relationship to agriculture," he said.

Gabby takes other kids through her daily tasks.

"I just want them to know how it is, because it's really cool on a farm," she said.

The first episode of "Gabby's Farm" premieres on May 17 on TV Ontario. It's already been approved for a second season.