GUELPH -- Guelph city council will maintain its current set up in the next election.

Council opted to keep its current system of six wards electing 12 councillors.

A decision has been in the works for months. A consultant's report recommended switching to an eight-ward model, electing one full-time councillor in each ward. But, community members told council they weren't on-board with that idea.

Many councillors said Wednesday night they like the range of experience and expertise that comes from having more people at the table.

Some ward boundaries will shift ahead of the next election to even out population distribution.

Council is still deciding whether the positions will be made full-time or kept part-time.

"Some of the things that were discussed by council for the future is to have a citizens’ committee, which we already have a structure on, to look to advise us on what their feelings are as to what level the job description really is, to be considered part time still or full time, what the remuneration should be," Mayor Cam Guthrie said. "Those types of things do happen every term anyways, but this little added bit around the councillor wage, of the job description, will be discussed at least and coming back to council for further consideration in the new year."

The new boundaries are expected to be in place for the next municipal election, which is scheduled for Oct. 24, 2022.