GUELPH -- The City of Guelph is looking at making some changes when it comes to off-street parking rules.

But now, some councillors are raising concerns after a virtual workshop to get feedback on the plan.

“Our current parking standards are from 1995, so they are quite out of date,” said Abby Watts, the project manager for the Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw Review with the City of Guelph.

One of the controversial proposals varies by zoning, but includes capping residential driveway widths to half that of the size of the dwelling or limits already in place, depending on zoning.

Coun. Dominique O’Rourke said parking has been a hot button issue for years and it can be quite the commodity in some areas, especially with newer townhomes.

But she said the proposals are premature and don’t reflect the needs across the city.

“The needs for a vehicle are the same in all parts of the city. I think we need to be looking at is some flexibility around that,” said O’Rourke.

City staff said more green space is the goal, while keeping things safe.

“We want to make sure we have street trees that we have adequate Storm water management,” said Watts,

Another proposal involves parking at apartments and condominiums. The city is considering decreasing the amount of parking spaces, which could lead to fewer visitor parking spots.

Claudia Espindola lives on a busy street in Guelph. She said parking is hard to come by, especially for her visitors.

“People are trying to find parking in the side streets, in other places,” said Espindola.

Espindola has started a petition to stop the city from changing the zoning rules.

Not all new condo builds would be impacted, just those in so-called intensification areas that have been flagged for being more walkable.

“The need for parking should be reduced in those areas,” said Watts.

The city said there is still time for community feedback this fall.