GUELPH -- Coding is in or a part of pretty much everything, from your phone to your television remote. It is also how video games are made.

The team at Code Ninjas in Guelph helps kids break down and create their very own video games.

“Like a sequence of commands, it's called algorithm. That if you press this button the screen turns on, if you press this button the volume turns on. That’s what basically coding is, it's the commands that you're technically giving some type of technology,” said Pamela Pandit, the owner of the Guelph location.

With the gaming industry constantly growing, more people are learning the language of coding.

The training is open for kids aged 5 to 14 with options for beginners and those who are more advanced.

“So it shows parents as well, we're not just letting your kids play video games. We're actually showing them the fundamentals behind it, the basics behind it. Once you learn one kind of coding language, you can apply it to others,” said Pandit.

According to Shai Jones, one of the lead instructors, nobody really does the same thing.

“Some kids will go above and beyond, some kids will just do what it asks for but you always get a really cool outcome and it's really interesting to see what some of them will do sometimes.”

When asked about their favourite part about coding, a repeated answer was simple: not only do they get to have a little bit of fun, but they get to learn something at the same time.

Some students dream of one day creating the next Fortnite or Minecraft.