Three boys from Guelph are being called heroes for saving the life of a stranger.

Jordan, Gabriel and Griffin were riding their bikes near Silvercreek Parkway South and Eden Street around 4:30 p.m. Thursday when they discovered a man lying unconscious on the train tracks.

“We didn’t want to go too close because he could have attacked us or something. We didn’t know what could have happened.”

The boys, aged 11 and 12, knew they needed to get help.

“We realized there was a construction site just a bit down the rails.”

The boys flagged down the workers who then called 911.

When paramedics arrived on scene the 41-year-old Guelph man wasn’t breathing.

They revived him and took him to the hospital for treatment.

Police don’t know how the man ended up on the tracks.

However they do say the boys saved the man’s life in more ways than one.

A train was scheduled on that set of tracks just 30 minutes after he was found.

“It was quite remarkable for them to do that in time and save a life,” says Constable Jennifer Nadalin. “It’s not too often you can get some young kids at that age that know how to recognize an emergency.”

As a thank you the boys received a ticket for a free Dairy Queen ice cream.

They’ve also been nominated for a Junior Citizen Award.

They say they’ve learned an important lesson.

“Do not go on the train tracks. We’re not going back there again.”