GUELPH -- A local group is doing what it can to make sure people don't feel isolated during the holidays this year.

They're going to deliver holiday postcards to long-term care homes and social services organizations to share messages of hope with people who are isolated.

James Thomson was living at the Elliott Community when the COVID-19 pandemic began, forcing him to isolate in his room.

"It wasn't the best, being stuck in the room by yourself," he said.

He's been able to see his wife and daughter through staggered visits. But not his son, David, who Elliott said has special needs and health conditions that mean he can't visit. It's left Elliott feeling disconnected.

"As well as me missing him, he really wants to give his dad a hug," Elliott said.

Earlier this week, Elliott received a postcard from Jobs, Opportunities, Enterprise Guelph, an organization focused on employment and job training for adults with developmental disabilities.

"It was great, it really was," Elliott said. "Super card, great graphics on it."

J.O.E. Guelph was behind the design.

"We thought it would be a fun activity to put some cards together and learn some new skills," project manager Nicole Marchesseau said.

They've delivered more than 4,000 cards to homes and services around Guelph.

"We really wanted to find a way to connect with our community and we really wanted to give back," Marchesseau said.

The Community Company creates its own cards each year and decide to partner with J.O.E.

"The theme for our holiday cards this year is hope," founder Justin Chan said.

Chan said each card sold will fund three postcards.

"In the midst of this kind of world that we're living in, giving a fight of hope is one of the nicest things you can do," card creator Paul Mahony said.