WATERLOO -- A group in downtown Guelph formed together and took to the streets for a Pride march, as well as to support Black Lives Matter.

Shayne Ward, the organizer of the Saturday demonstration, says the roots of Pride are also in protest.

Saturday marked 51 years since the Stonewall Riots, which launched the fight for LGBTQ rights.

“I think we really want to take today, an anniversary of Stonewall, to support everyone in the Black Lives Matter and everyone who has been fighting against these inequalities and injustices,” said Ward. “To recognize that our community also came from a very big position of injustice with the police.

“We have been able to fight against that, and even though we still have a lot of injustices within the police, a lot of homophobia and transphobia still happening, these things need to be addressed.”

Ward adds that while COVID-19 has changed how Pride is marked this year, it’s still important to make a statement while following the rules.