The decision to ground Boeing 737 Max 8 planes in Canada amid safety concerns is being felt at airports around the globe.

Numerous flights were cancelled on Wednesday, making for a stressful beginning to many people’s vacations.

Lovepreet Singh flew from Toronto to Winnipeg on a 737 Max 8 on March 13. He landed just before the planes were grounded across the country.

“It would have been nice just to be aware of it, that this was the plane that was actually involved in the crash and that there’s a software issue or whatever is wrong with it,” he says.

The Boeing 737 Max 8 is in the fleets of both WestJet and Sunwing. Both airlines fly into the Region of Waterloo International Airport, YKF.

Neither company would confirm whether the company has flown through YKF before.

“Given the nature of our operations, aircraft assignments are finalized vey close to departure. The MAX 8 could have been scheduled on any of our routes so it is hard to give an exact number of times this aircraft is typically used from each airport,” a statement from Sunwing, which has four of the aircrafts, says in part.

WestJet’s response was similar, saying that it depends on where the aircraft gets scheduled.

A resident who is flying with Sunwing from Waterloo next week says his flight confirmation had information about the model of plane he’ll be on.

It’s a 737 800 series.

Delays and interruptions are expected in the near future as airlines reroute and reschedule planes.