Residents of a Chandler Drive housing co-operative were victims of graffiti on Tuesday night.

One resident believes the work, which reads ‘C-BLOCK’ could be gang-related.

“It’s scary because it makes me wonder what it’s advertising for,” says Carolann Rowe, who lives in the affected building.

Someone who was in the Chandler Drive area of Kitchener on Thursday said that ‘C-BLOCK’ simply means Chandler Block, and that it is not gang related.

Rowe says that the board of directors of the complex has agreed to remove the more vulgar parts of the graffiti, which include anti-police sayings, but are considering leaving the rest.

“I have a problem with leaving it at all,” Rowe says. “It’s an eyesore, you can see it from miles away.”

The housing co-op has begun installing cameras as a security measure.

Another resident understands Rowe’s frustration, and agrees that the graffiti should be removed, but thinks cameras are not the answer.

“Monitoring people who live in their own community is disrespectful,” says Ahmed Ali, a nearby resident who suspects the graffiti was created by people who don’t live on Chandler.

The property management company did not offer comment but did say they were working promptly to resolve the issue.