Goderich has been called “the prettiest town in Canada.”

It’s a name that seemed bittersweet after an F-3 tornado touched down in August 2011, destroying everything in its path and killing a worker a the Sifto Salt mine.

In the year since the tornado the residents of Goderich have been working to rebuild their town.

On Saturday five flatbed trucks carrying 163 trees drove into Goderich. The trees, which cost about $500,000, will be planted throughout the city. Two of the largest trees will be planted in the town’s courthouse square, which was badly damaged by the tornado.

“I think this gives the people a big emotional lift to see the trees coming back to the courthouse,” said Goderich major Deb Shewfelt.

About 90 trees were damaged or destroyed during the tornado.

All the trees will be replanted by Christmas.

-- With files from CTV London