KITCHENER -- An Ayr family is looking to press charges after they claim a hockey coach from an opposing team pushed their daughter.

The incident happened at a hockey tournament in Pennsylvania.

Vanessa Janzen says a coach on the other bench pushed her 10-year-old daughter, Brooklyn.

"She was crying, she was screaming, she was really upset. Hysterical," Janzen says.

"Her explanation of it was, he reached out and he struck her. She could feel his fingers go into her throat and she fell to the ground."

The tension started during the game when Brooklyn collided with a player on the Clarington Flames. Brooklyn got a body contact penalty during the game.

But her dad, Craig, says that's no excuse for it to escalate.

"Does that give him the right to do what he did? Absolutely not," he says.

Shortly after the handshake, the Clarington team was confronted with the allegations.

The Janzens say they were irritated and confrontational.

The Ontario Women's Hockey Association says in a statement that it's been in communication with both teams, who have been cooperating.

"We have no further comment on the allegations that are currently being investigated by police," the association's president, Fran Rider, says.

The Ayr Rockets did not want to comment, only saying the organization continues to support the player and the family.

CTV News reached out to the Clarington Flames and the accused coach but did not hear back.

The Janzens claim that the man is a police officer in Durham, which they say "made it twice as bad."

But the Durham Regional Police Service won't confirm whether or not that's true, only saying that they're aware of the video circulating online and that they're looking into it.

Brooklyn's parents say the penalties should be left to the referees.

Legacy Global Sports, the company in charge of the tournament calls this a serious allegation which, if found true, would be abhorrent behavior.