This Sunday is Father’s Day, and if you’re stuck on what to get dad this year, you’re most likely not alone.

Dads are great for so many reasons, and they really do deserve a day dedicated to them every year.

But sometimes finding the perfect present isn’t the easiest.

If you’re looking to save a few dollars, making a gift, can be the way to do so.

“A fun, personalized option is a keepsake box,” says DIY expert Denise Wild.

You can purchase an ordinary box, then decorate it to your (oryour dad’s) liking.

All you have to do is pick up some fun paper and decorative letters, then dad can store his treasures inside.

Creative coasters are something else Wild suggests making.

“These are really easy to do, take little blocks of wood, paint them, varnish them, you can add a sticker on top, and then cover it with a layer of decoupage paste,” says Wild.

Many dads are looking for functional clothes, so you if opt into buying dad a gift, you can still package it in a fun way.

“I’ve taken some plain white socks, I’ve rolled them upand then turned them into flowers,” says Wild.

For the active dadwho loves the green, another gift idea is golf gear.

“From a product perspective, there’s lots of new putters and drivers on the marketplace right now, that I’m sure would enhance any of the dads games,” says Brad Duench, General Manager at Kitchener’s Westmount Golf and Country Club.

Hitting the links is also a great way to spend time with dear old dad.

“We tend to get generational groups out here,” says Duench. “Father, son and grandson, all playing in the same group. It’s really a fantastic day here at the club,” says Duench.

Duench says they will also be hosting a father’s day breakfast and are expecting to see over 200 people.

Of course, if you decide to stay at home Sunday, cooking breakfast for dad is another way to show him he’s appreciated.

Any of these Father’s Day gifts are sure to get you in dad’s good books this year.