Wednesday is not typically the most popular day in the week to get hitched. But today it's a different story because the date only comes around once in a century.

It's 12-12-12 -- the 12th month and 12th day of 2012.

The Rose Chapel at Kitchener`s city hall has 12 couples booked to either tie the knot or renew their vows.

During the month of December the chapel usually has about 30 weddings booked, but they have nearly half of them booked for today. 

Owner and officiant  of Feelings From the Heart Wedding Chapels, Pat Fretwell says it’s a popular day because of the talk-about factor of getting married on an odd numerical day.

"Triple numbers are lucky, we were busy on 777 very busy that day and 888 and 999 etc."

Some of the newlyweds like Michelle and Barry Hynes say not only is the number auspicious, but the date also makes it easy to remember their anniversary.

"We decided 12-12-12 or i decided 12-12-12 just so he would remember actually."

"I don't have an excuse now to forget it and it was something Michelle wanted," says Barry  "I don't walk under a ladder but other than that I’m not superstitious, no but you'll go along with it, that's right I just do as I’m told."

Bridal retailer David's Bridal has some 381 brides registered in Canada who say they'll be getting married today.

Spokesperson Brian Beitler says the reason these dates are so important is because the wedding is one of the most significant events in a couple's life.

He says linking their big day to a date that's unique helps further enhance their experience.

The next sequential date falls next year, with the date 11-12-13, but after that you will have to wait 89 years for the next significant date 01-01-10.  That doesn't roll around until the year 2101.

With files from The Canadian Press