A minivan crashed into a townhouse Wednesday morning, hitting a gas meter and leading to some tense moments for area residents.

Crews worked quickly at the scene on Oprington Drive, dousing the crushed meter and ruptured gas line with water as the gas was being shut down at the source.

Mohamed Shegow lives next door and says he was sleeping when he heard a loud bang.

“And then my mom starts screaming, ‘Fire, fire,’ and I ran outside and then I noticed that the car was banged into the natural gas line and I could just hear the natural gas line just going and then we started getting everyone evacuated.”

Alyshia Osment lives in the area and rushed down to see if her friend was okay.

“Good thing that all the fire department and everything was here so that they could get it under control because if they didn’t the whole place could be up in flames so fast.”

Kitchener Fire Platoon Chief Steve Zurell says safety was paramount as people were cleared from the area.

“We have our meters that we use to ensure there’s no explosive gases in the area. We had those out and constantly running and checked all the properties adjacent to, and the area itself.”

Waterloo Region police are now investigating, but say the female driver of the minivan was not injured.