Questions have arisen about two-way all-day GO service to Kitchener.

In a revised business plan by Metrolinx, the proposed expansion was moved into a separate category and given a wider range for its start date.

“On page five of this new business plan, the Kitchener-Waterloo line is taken out of the main business plan, which is of course very concerning to us, and bumped down to 2025 to 2030,” said Waterloo MPP Catherine Fife.

Fife brought this concern forward to Ontario’s transportation minister on Wednesday.

For its part, the company did say that the service to Kitchener remained a priority.

“The extensions to Bowmanville, to Niagara and to Kitchener are an important part of the growth of the network, they are also being planned through a separate exercise,” said Joshua Engel-Yan with Metrolinx.

The long-time delay to the project is that Metrolinx has faced is that the company doesn’t own all the tracks needed to expand service.

Negotiations with CN continue and the CEO says they have made good progress, but no firm dates can be offered until the issue has been solved.

The minister of transportation says an update can be expected soon.

“We’re going to be making an announcement forthcoming that I think you’re going to be happy with,” Jeff Yurek said.

 Metrolinx said an update can be expected in 12 to 18 months.