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Frustration grows after dairy farm driveway is barricaded by the County of Brant

A local dairy farm says they feel blindsided by the County of Brant after a barricade was placed, blocking its driveway.

The county cited safety concerns but farm advocates at Little Brown Cow, are advocating to have the barrier removed.

The farm, on Cockshutt Road just outside of Brantford, has been selling local meats and produce for close to a decade.

It has two entrances, allowing customers to get in and out.

The big yellow barricade was put up on Wednesday.

“We saw this coming unfortunately for many months,” said Jenny Butcher, the owner of Little Brown Cow.

Butcher said the issues started last year when the farm requested a left turn lane be installed on Cockshutt Road to help improve road safety.

The County of Brant granted the request but added that two driveway entrances so close together would be a safety hazard.

“They didn’t want anybody exiting our business, crossing this turning lane, making a left hand turn,” said Wes Kuntz, co-owner of the farm.

The move reduced all customer traffic to a single laneway – to the dismay of some customers, who said the farm is busy as it is.

“This place is overflowing with customers. And not just from this area, from the 905 belt people come and I think it is creating a very dangerous situation,” said customer Ken Stock.

Now the farm doesn’t have the space for tractor trailers to get in and out. So some drivers opt to park on the side of the road.

“It’s not something that’s good for public safety, it’s not something that’s good for road safety,” said Butcher.

Little Brown Cow on Cockshutt Road. (CTV News/Tyler Kelaher)The County of Brant sent CTV News a statement about the barricade and why it is needed.

“The safety hazard is that the two driveways are too close together combined with the left-hand turning lane. This creates several turning conflicts on a road with 13,000 -16,000 vehicles per day, travelling at a posted 80 km/hour,” the statement read in part. “County of Brant staff presented options to resolve the potential public safety hazard. The owners declined those options and offered no solutions of their own.”

Butcher said that wasn’t the case, claiming that they worked on solutions for months to no avail.

The farm suggested moving the left turning lane back to avoid cross traffic between the driveway and Cockshutt Road.

Little Brown Cow seen on Sept. 21, 2023. (CTV News/Tyler Kelaher)

“We said ‘this could be as simple as misplaced paint.’ and they said ‘you’re wrong, we’re going to barricade you’re laneway,’” Butcher said.

The farm was told the barricade will be up indefinitely.

For now the owners have no new plans to have it removed as they put the focus back on business.

“We’re just going to do the very best we can with what we’ve got,” admitted Butcher. Top Stories

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