Friends and family of Adam Jones, the young Kitchener man killed in a targeted shooting Thursday evening continue to mourn.

As police continue their investigation Jones' friends say they struggle to understand why anyone would want to take his life.

David Kingsbury was a friend of Jones, says before moving to Alberta he would see so much Jones they were practically brothers.

“I can't think of anybody who would even want to fight him. Let alone, pull a gun on him.” says Kingsbury.

Josh Pennell and Jones often went snowboarding together and tells CTV News  he was recovering from an arm injury from the sport and had plans to get back to work in construction.

“He had been working with doctors slowly to get his motion back.”

Police say they are still investigating the targeted shooting that left 25-year-old  dead outside a Belmont avenue apartment building. A man was reportedly seen fleeing in a vehicle but police aren't releasing any suspect information at this time.

Akram Arafat, who was one of Jones closest friends, says he was there the night of the shooting.

“It was just a deal gone bad... pretty much what it was. Yeah it just sucks. All he wanted to do was make a couple extra bucks here and there.” says Arafat.

Chris Nay says Jones was the type who boosted everyone else's mood and when he heard the news while grocery shopping. He couldn't believe it.

“He was the kind of guy that just told you he loved you not many people just come out and say that”

Jones’ friends they have been relying on each other to cope with the pain and while old stories produce a few smiles David and the rest of the crew know they'll have to face a future without their friend.  

“I just miss him so much. Its hard man.” says Kingsbury

Police say any tips from public can go to 519 650 8500 ext 8767 or Crimestoppers at 1 800 222 TIPS.