BRESLAU -- Have you picked out your Christmas tree yet? If you're looking for the real thing, you may need to hurry up.

Some of the most popular trees that are usually in high demand are now in tight supply.

"It's the most acute we've ever seen, we've had the most trouble ever getting Christmas trees for folks and those who wait are going to be disappointed, I think," explains Perry Grobe, co-owner of Grobe's Nursery.

He says he's been warning customers that, if they want one of the more popular trees, they'll need to order as soon as possible.

Supply- and weather-related issues have significantly impacted the American tree economy.

"The U.S. consumers are buying so many of the Canadian trees with the U.S. dollar and the production side of the Canadian market is also quite a bit reduced because of demand," Grobe says.

Canadian trees are also highly sought-after this year thanks to a cold autumn.

"They had early frosts and they had really, lots of moisture in the fall just prior to harvest, so folks that are looking for good trees, this year's crop of trees pretty much everywhere will be good."

Of course there other options to real trees.

Artificial trees are becoming more and more popular and there's a new trend called potted Christmas trees, which can be re-planted outside after the holiday season.

Either way, it may seem early for some but others are going to want to get their real tree organized quickly.