A former scout leader has been sentenced in Guelph court after being found guilty of sexual offences involving minors.

A judge found Brandy Pierce guilty in November on two counts of invitation to sexual touching and one of counselling a person under the age of 16.

Today, his lawyer told the court that Pierce maintains his innocence, but accepts the court’s decision.

Justice Allen told him you can’t work with someone until they acknowledge what they’ve done.

The judge also noted it was Pierce’s history of volunteering that introduced him to one of his victims.

The crown is asked for consecutive sentencing because of the abuse of trust and because there appears to be very little remorse from Pierce.

The defense is arguing Pierce’s crimes are on the lower end of the spectrum of sex crimes and that he has no prior criminal record.

In total Pierce received a 12 month sentence. He was issued four months for each of his three crimes.

Those sentenced are to be served consecutively.