Police are investigating whether a Tuesday bank robbery in Kitchener is linked to a similar holdup last week.

Three men in disguises entered the Scotiabank branch at the corner of King Street East and Sheldon Avenue in Kitchener at about 3:19 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

One of the men watched the door while the other two went behind the counter and emptied the cash drawers.

All three left the area in a vehicle, but were tracked down and arrested not far from the bank.

Police credit eyewitnesses for giving them information about a vehicle that fled the scene and was spotted later in the parking lot of a nearby coffee shop.

“One of the suspects was located and arrested just outside the coffee shop. A second suspect fled on foot and was followed by a canine unit,” said police spokesperson Olaf Heinzel.

“That canine unit tracked to a nearby residence where two additional suspected were arrested.”

Paul McNamara, 36, and 26-year-old twin brothers Ryan and Nathan Henke, all of Kitchener, were charge. All three Kitchener men appeared in court Wednesday.

McNamara, who spent much of 2012 in prison on drug charges after police took down a group called the Luminati Brotherhood Club, was also charged with breach of probation.

Nobody was harmed in the incident and no weapons were seen.

Police say they’re checking to see if the same group is responsible for the robbery of a Scotiabank on Krug Street in Kitchener last week.