Parents of some kindergarten students at St. Timothy Catholic School now have a few more options when packing lunches.

A week after being told children in two kindergarten classrooms should not bring foods containing dairy or egg products, there has been some relaxation of the restrictions.

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board put the rules in place because of concern for a student with anaphylactic allergies to those two items.

But the board now says students who attend classes on Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday can bring in food containing dairy or eggs.

However, those students will still have to eat lunch in a separate room.

Those are the days the student with severe allergies is not at school.

Kindergarten students in class on Tuesday and Thursday are still being asked not to bring those products to school.

The restrictions sparked heated but mixed reaction when introduced, with some parents glad the board is taking allergies seriously.

But others are concerned there aren’t enough alternative options for school lunches.

The school board says it’s unclear whether a group of parents who threatened legal action after the restrictions were announced are planning to proceed or withdraw that threat.