A food delivery service driver says she was robbed at knifepoint while delivering a cash order in Kitchener on Tuesday.

Kelly McGuire says she was making a delivery for Skip the Dishes on Tuesday in the area of Highpark Avenue and Hillmount Street around midnight.

Expecting to be paid in cash, she called the customer once she arrived at her delivery destination, but the number was a text mail number, indicating it was someone using an internet phone service.

"As I was approaching the house, a guy came up behind me and grabbed me by my shoulder and showed me a long kitchen knife," she says.

She says she complied with the man's demands and then called police, who are investigating.

Unfortunately, what happened to McGuire is happening all over the region.

"We have seen an increase in buy-and-sell robberies as well as food deliveries and person-on-person robberies as well," explains Const. Andre Johnson.

While police are asking drivers to remain vigilant, McGuire says that delivery services should be doing more to protect drivers.

"They either need to make no cash calls after 10 o' clock, or they have to stop dinging us for saying no to cash calls," she says. "It shouldn't affect our acceptance order if it happens after 10 o' clock, and it shouldn't affect our scheduling."

In a statement to CTV News, Skip the Dishes says:

"As independent contractors… couriers can accept or decline any offer that is matched to them in the app, including cash orders… couriers are always encouraged to prioritize their safety while operating on the Skip network. If a courier reports that they feel unsafe or that a crime has taken place, we strongly encourage them to find a safe place and contact the authorities immediately.

The company also says it encourages drivers to bring safety concerns forward.

McGuire says her requests have been ignored.

Now, she's calling on other drivers to take a stand by refusing calls that may put them in unsafe situations, especially if the customer can't be reached.