The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) has issued flood warnings to four communities along the Grand River watershed.

On Saturday, the agency issued the warnings as it indicates river flows have reached Flood Warning Zone 1 in Drayton, West Montrose, Ayr, and New Hamburg.

GRCA describes "Flood Warning Zone 1" as an indication the river level is exceeding the bank limits and will begin to create nuisance flooding or impacts to properties. More resources and information for those affected by the flooding can be found online.

The Township of North Dumfries says the former Bowling Green is now underwater and that crews have closed off Tannery Street in Ayr at the Northumberland Street and Stanley Street entry points.

Municipal flood coordinators in the areas will be contacting affected property owners.

A flood watch has been issued for the rest of the Grand River watershed. The GRCA says the bridge on Blackbridge Road and low-lying trails near Speed River in Cambridge should be monitored.

The City of Cambridge adds that the front entrance of Riverside Park, Lower Linear Trai, and Mill Run Trail access points are all closed due to flooding.

The agency says banks next to waterways are very slippery and pose a serious hazard combined with cold, fast-moving water. Parents are being reminded to keep children and pets away from all water bodies.

Around 30 to 60 millimeters of rain fell along the watershed Friday, according to the GRCA, and around five to 10 millimeters is expected Saturday afternoon.

The flood warnings and watch will remain in effect until April 6.


Saturday morning also saw an emergency flood alert issued through the Alert Waterloo Region system, which created some confusion for impacted areas.

“I’m not sure what happened when the Alert Waterloo Region sent out,” said Lisa Stocco, manager of strategic communications with GRCA. “There appears to be some confusion, and we will be following up on that next week.”

The alert didn’t specify the flood warning issued by the GRCA was specific to West Montrose and a flood watch was issued for the remainder of the Grand River watershed.

The flood warning for Drayton was issued later in the morning.

With reporting from CTV Kitchener's Tegan Versolatto