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Five suspected drug-related deaths in Waterloo Region within five days

Opioids are seen in this file image. Opioids are seen in this file image.

A community drug alert is in effect after a disturbing number of suspected drug-related deaths in less than a week.

Waterloo Region Integrated Drug Strategy (WRIDS) said there were five suspected drug-related deaths between June 12 to June 17.

The group warns there is an increased risk of death from drug toxicity during very hot weather. Hot and humid conditions will continue Waterloo Region for the rest of this week.

“Using opioids during extreme heat can contribute to a decreased level of consciousness. Using stimulants can increase heart rate resulting in an increased body temperature. This can cause dehydration. Dehydration from extreme heat can affect your tolerance to drugs and can increase the risk of death from an overdose/drug poisoning,” a news release from WRIDS said. Top Stories

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