KITCHENER -- Police have charged five men from Waterloo Region after several Porsches were stolen from a London car dealership.

Four vehicles, along with their key fobs, were taken over the weekend.

The total value of the vehicles has been pegged at $400,000.

A few days later the thieves targeted another luxury car dealership, this one for Mercedes Benz vehicles.

However they were caught in the act.

A guard with California Lachlan Security Concepts spoke to CTV News about the attempted thefts.

“I head a louder crack and, I’m assuming, that’s when they got through the door.”

The culprits were then confronted, as seen on security video.

“We have a lot of valuable inventory on these lots,” says Rob Stockie, a managing partner at Mercedes Benz London. “We’ve heightened security at all of our stores.”

London Police say one of the stolen vehicles was spotted by an officer on Monday.

The Porsche was stopped and the suspects took off on foot.

Police say a total of five men were arrested, though only one of them was apprehended during the attempted theft at the Mercedes Benz dealership.

They range in age from 19 to 25-years-old.

Each is charged with one count of possession of property obtained by crime over $5,000.

Three of the Porsches still haven’t been recovered.