Enterovirus D68 has shown up in Waterloo Region.

Public health officials say one sample from a patient at Grand River Hospital has tested positive for the respiratory virus.

Details on whether that patient is still in hospital, as well as their age and other personal information, were not provided.

A spokesperson for the hospital says tests continue to be conducted on patients who come through the emergency room with respiratory issues.

Earlier this week, public health officials in Hamilton said 96 children in that city had fallen ill from the disease since Aug. 28.

Enterovirus D68 has existed in North America for decades, but experts believe there may be something unique about the current strain of the virus, which has made children severely ill across the continent.

Enteroviruses, of which there are more than 100 varieties, are the second-most common cause of the common cold.

Symptoms commonly develop in the lower part of the respiratory system, meaning children with asthma or wheezing issues may be at greater risk.

Typical symptoms are similar to those of a cold, although they may escalate to affect breathing ability through the lower airways.

There is no direct treatment for the virus.

Methods to protect oneself against any enterovirus include coughing or sneezing into sleeves, washing hands often with warm water and soap, avoiding close contact with people who are sick and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces.

With files from CP24 and The Canadian Press