Crews from multiple fire departments were called out to a fire at Maple Leaf Acres Recreational Park on Belwood Lake in Fergus Thursday night.

Two mobile homes were completely destroyed in the blaze and four other trailers were damaged.

Brad Pattson, Centre Wellingon fire chief, says three departments responded to the call around 9 p.m. and spent over an hour battling the blaze.

Fire crews were quickly guided to the scene, Pattson adds, though the flames were visible over the tops of the trees.

Officials were concerned about propane tanks at the site of the fire, and one large tank had to be doused with water to keep it from exploding.

Melissa DaRosa was visiting friend Dan Faria and they both saw the flames. Soon after she says they also heard a hissing and popping noise.

"After like ten minutes, that's when we saw the propane tank shoot up in the air."

Because the fire was in a rural location and the park does not have hydrants, after tankers were emptied water had to be pumped out of Belwood Lake into the tankers and transported back to the scene.

Faria, who had called 911, helped direct firefighters to the lake when more water was needed.

The fire broke out in a seasonal section of the park, so no one was in the trailers that were destroyed or damaged.

No injuries were reported and investigators remained on scene Friday to determine the cause of the blaze.

Pattson spent several hours taking photos of the damage. He says he's confident about the origin of the blaze, but not the cause.

Meanwhile owners like J.C. Lapointe, whose trailer sits next to one that was destroyed and suffered some damage, are surveying the scene.

"Replace my door, replace a couple of broken windows, replace the vents on my ceiling, the only thing that'g going to be expensive is my air conditioner is melted down, but other than that it will be pretty easy."

He and others though are still wondering, ‘What if?'

"For me I'm very lucky that the firemen were here very quickly, took the pressure off my propane tank preventing it from blowing up."

Park staff says the owners of the destroyed trailers were notified Thursday night, but there is no word yet on the total cost of the damage.

Although the seasonal section of the park opens in May, it may be awhile longer before Lapointe's neighbours can return.