As the final witness testified Friday at the murder trial of Myftari, one fact was clear: the 38-year-old Rockwood man killed Julia Vlashi.

Nobody involved in the case is disputing that Myftari repeatedly stabbed his sister-in-law, resulting in her death.

Instead of declaring himself guilty or not guilty for the attack, Myftari has pleaded not criminally responsible – saying he was suffering from mental issues beyond his control.

Jurors have heard that Myftari’s attack was motivated by a disagreement with Vlashi over his medication, which she wanted to see increased.

After the stabbing, the court has been told, Myftari took Vlashi’s car and purse and left Rockwood.

He was arrested in Peel Region the following morning.

Friday, the trial heard from Graham Glancy, a psychiatrist who first spoke with Myftari three days after his arrest.

Glancy said that Myftari told him he was “doing fine,” but did not understand why he was in custody.

“He was moderately depressed (and) had no suicidal ideas or intent – nothing obviously psychotic,” Glance recalled.

Myftari has testified that he was experiencing hallucinations and hearing voices, which would tell him that he would feel better after attacking Vlashi.

He has said that he did not intend to kill her.

The case is expected to be handed to the jury sometime next week.