Dry conditions and high winds helped fuel a fire that quickly made its way across a wheat field just south of Kitchener.

Black smoke could be seen from kilometres away Tuesday afternoon, after the fire was sparked in a field along Fischer-Hallman Road, near New Dundee Road.

Firefighters believe the fire may have started with a spark from a combine that was being used in the field at the time.

“With these dry conditions, that’s all it takes,” said North Dumfries Fire chief Robert Shantz.

Reports on social media indicated that around 4 p.m., smoke from the fire could be seen from downtown Kitchener, Cambridge, and possibly even locations north of Guelph.

Firefighters said their first priority was stopping the fire from spreading to nearby buildings.

Crews had the flames under control by 4:40 p.m., but remained on-scene into the evening as they dealt with hotspots.

The fire consumed an estimated 38 acres of standing wheat, with an estimated value of $40,000.

The area also became a traffic mess. While police closed the intersection, some drivers stopped at the roadside to watch or take video of the fire.

With reporting by Marc Venema