A record-setting jackpot is yours for the winning in Tuesday night’s Lotto Max draw.

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The prize is worth $65 million, topping the previous record of $64 million which was won back in October of 2015.

In that instance, the ticket went unclaimed for more than a week.

Then, back in October of 2018, Lotto Max saw its record in prizes to be won when the total eclipsed $113 million. That draw included a still-high $60 million jackpot and a whopping 53 Max Millions prizes.

Two months later, a Kitchener couple won big on a $7.9 million ticket just two weeks before Christmas.

In addition to the record jackpot, there are also 10 separate $1-million prizes up for grabs in Tuesday's draw.

To win the jackpot, players have to match seven numbers in a set. Tickets are on sale until 10:30 p.m.