OTTAWA -- The Conservative government is asking the federal prison service to rethink funding cuts to a program that helps sex offenders from abusing more people.

Circles of Support and Accountability recently learned it would no longer receive $2.2 million from the Correctional Service of Canada to help run 18 programs across the country.

Roxanne James, the Conservative parliamentary secretary for public safety, says minister Steven Blaney has asked the prison service to reconsider the decision.

When the Liberals raised the issue Wednesday in the House of Commons, Blaney suggested it was up to the Correctional Service to figure out how to best spend its money.

The government revealed its new approach today in response to a question from the NDP.

Kitchener-Conestoga Conservative MP Harold Albrecht says on his Facebook page that he met with Blaney this week to express grave concerns about the cuts after learning of them from friends with the Mennonite Central Committee Ontario.