NEW DUNDEE -- Waterloo Region families taking to the pond and the patio to celebrate Father's Day were also giving a boost to some local businesses.

For Justin Decosmo, fishing has been a Father's Day tradition for as long as he can remember, which is why he brought his own kids to Lyndon Fishing Pond in New Dundee.

 "My grandfather used to take us to a fish far up at Wasaga Beach," he said. "The memories that I have with my brother, my Dad, and my grandfather, I just want them to have the same memories that I have."

Reservations at the pond have been booked solid for the entire weekend, with Richard Keilbar and his three sons happy to have snagged a spot.

"The kids know that I love to fish and they all wanted to share the experience, so it was a great day for it," he said.

The pond's owner says the Father's Day boost in business has helped following last year's closure due to the pandemic.

"We're very thankful that we can provide a place like that for families, who haven't been able to connect, to reconnect," said Clarke Rieck.

Fathers like James Popham are also being celebrated at the Waterloo Brewing Taphouse.

"It's been great," he said. "This is our first time at a restaurant since the last lockdown."

Mike Gooding says it's great to see his kids Mallory Gooding and Courtney Dick again, considering their family isn't that large.

"We're friends with our Dad," they both said. "We like hanging out with him, he's pretty funny, and we think he enjoys hangout out with us too."