Farmers in the Rockwood area have growing concerns over a proposed quarry near their land.

Many of them gathered on Saturday to figure out how to stop it from happening.

Glen Duff has lived on his farm for 35 years and is outraged that a quarry might be built nearby. He invited neighbours and members of the concerned resident’s coalition over to voice their concerns.

The proposed site sits on 100 acres of agricultural land on the sixth line, just off highway seven.

The area uses well water and many are concerned the Quarry will affect its levels and drinking quality.

“The quarry will draw down the water levels quite significantly at my farm,” says Stephanie Degrandis, who operates a farm nearby.

There is also worry about increased truck traffic on local roads and the impact falling dust from the proposed quarry may create.

“I think it's often been understated the damage that can be done to particularly brick structures and stone structures and we have many pioneer heritage homes in this area,” says host farmer, Glen Duff.

 “I'm worried about the dust the dust on the crops the dust basically being inhaled myself and my animals,” says Degrandis.

Dick James Construction is the company behind the proposal. They have taken their request to the Ontario Municipal Board. However, Guelph Eramosa Township still has to decide whether they will support or appeal the application.

Council says they are waiting on a draft report that’s due in September and will seek public input before deciding whether to support or oppose the application at the OMB.

Dick James Construction was not available to comment on the situation.