A Cambridge family is in shock after their home was destroyed in a fire Friday morning.

The damage to the Main Street home is so extensive, the Tavares family says they have no choice but to rebuild.

“There is a shell of a house, but its empty inside,” said daughter Anna Chaves. “There is nothing.”

Homeowners Leonardo and Maria Tavares built the log house almost 24 years ago. The couple, who are in their 70s, say they will rebuild on the property.

The shock of losing their home is hard, says Maria Tavares, even more so just weeks before Christmas.

“I started thinking what had happened. Then it hit me… I started crying and I realized the disgrace that has knocked on my door.”

The only thing bringing the family comfort is the response from the community. The Tavares family has received food, clothing, medicine and supplies.

They say they are grateful to everyone who has reached out to them. “There are just not enough words to tell the community how wonderful they are. Thank you very much, very much.”

Despite everything that has happened, the Tavares’ say they have a lot to be grateful for.

“It’s a blessing that there are such good human beings still around to help out.”

While they wait to rebuild, Leonardo and Maria are living with their children.

Fire investigators say a faulty electrical appliance started the blaze. Damages total $400,000.