The family of David MacDermott, who disappeared under suspicious circumstances a decade ago, still has hope that the truth will be found.

MacDermott was 30 when he disappeared on Nov. 9, 2002. At the time he was described as a man with a lot of friends who liked the local bar scene.

But his family was also important to him, and while they say they don’t believe he’ll be found alive, they still miss him.

Sister Colleen Stevens says “I just think of all of the things that could have been if he were still here.”

For his mother Linda Shaw there is still resentment though, for those who know what happened and haven’t come forward.

"We are so angry. We haven’t been able to grieve and we won’t until we get our answers.”

MacDermott was last seen at his home on Mill Street in Kitchener late on Saturday night. He didn’t show up for a ball hockey game the next morning.

His family believes there was a fight and that MacDermott died from an injury he sustained, then whoever was involved panicked and covered it up.

Waterloo Regional police Sgt. Richard Dorling says “Initially it was thought that Dave had simply got up and left, maybe went on an adventure up north…[we] don’t believe that’s the case. He’s likely met with foul play and he’s likely deceased.”

Both the police and MacDermott’s family hope anyone with information will come forward, even it's anonymously.

“Every time there’s human remains found, bones found, I’ll bet you there’s been 50 to 100 times that’s happened in the 10 years and our guard goes up,” Shaw says.

Stevens adds “I believe…the person responsible needs to be brought to justice, Dave deserves that.”

A special memorial mass is being held in St. Clements this Sunday.