Many homeowners are struggling to keep weeds from taking over their lawns this time of year.

Rain during the springtime promotes weed growth, making it a crucial time of year to get the perennial pests under control.

Yard maintenance companies say it has been an uphill battle ever since the province banned pesticides for cosmetic purposes.

Troy Phillips with Perfect Image Property Maintenance says without pesticides they take a different approach.

Phillips says their strategy is to aerate and overseed the lawn to try and choke the weeds out.

For any stubborn weeds, such as large dandelions, he tells homeowners get to the root of the problem.

“I suggest picking them,” says Phillips.

“I would mix some top soil and seed and as you’re picking them just fill in the hole with a top soil and seed mixture.”

Experts also say proper lawn maintenance is crucial to keeping your grass weed-free.

Eric Lyons with the Turf Grass Institute at the University of Guelph says the best lawns are regularly fertilized.

"We recommend a slow-release nitrogen source, two to three times a year, with the last application being around mid-September," says Lyons.

He also says trimming your lawn to one-third of its height once a week will help keep the grass healthy and weeds at bay.