Environment Canada has confirmed two tornadoes spotted in fields near Fergus and Salem on Septemeber 1st are the 18th and 19th tornadoes of the season.

Officials say the first tornado was first seen after 6pm by Dave Patrick a Canwarn-trained Storm spotter who recorded video of the twister.

Meteorologists with the weather agency say, since no damage was reported with the tornado, it’s classified on the low end of the Enhanced Fujita Scale Zero. Winds on the lower end of the scale can still reach a maximum of 110 kilometers per hour.

Just a half hour later a second tornado was spotted in a field west of Salem, 25 Kilometers northwest of Guelph. Officials say this tornado was short lived and left no damage. 

On average, Environment Canada says that in Ontario, about 12 tornadoes are confirmed, during the late April, early October time period. The 19 confirmed tornadoes, so far this year are above average.