KITCHENER -- WARNING: Details of story may be disturbing to some readers.

A teen from Elmira has been sentenced as adult to life in prison for killing his mother.

A judge handed down the decision Monday morning that includes no eligibility for parole for seven years.

The attack happened in November of 2017, but the woman’s body wasn’t found until almost a month later.

"The death wasn't instantaenous," the judge said as he read his decision to the virtual courtroom. "It some time for her to die from her wounds."

The judge added that, in the aftermath of her death, the teen took steps to cover up the crime such as barricading the doors, wiping his cell phone of data, pretending he was sick, and posing as his mother in a text message.

The teen had been on trial for first degree murder, but the judge agreed with the defence and accepted the teen’s original guilty plea of second degree murder.

Last March, the crown argued that the teen had stabbed his mother more than 60 times because she wanted to reduce the amount of time he spent playing video games.

Second degree murder comes with an automatic life sentence of 25 years as an adult, but as a teen it comes with a term of up to seven years.

The judge acknowledge that the accused was 36 days shy of his 18th birthday when the crime was committed and was guilty of murder and intending to kill his mother.

The judge added that the accused has not engaged in any meaningful therapy and is not open to processing the situation in counselling.

The accused is now 21 years old and will be eligible for parole on Dec. 27 of 2024.

Where the accused will spend time behind bars has not yet been decided. The matter will be back in court on June 8.

The teen and his family cannot be identified because of his age at the time of the murder.