KITCHENER -- Two experienced judges tried seven different maple syrups on Thursday in an attempt to crown the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival's 2020 Producer of the Year.

Judged on density, clarity, colour and taste, the contest's winner will get a premier place to sell their products.

Their syrup will also be used at the festival's pancake tents.

Both judges are experienced when it comes to the tasting. They understand what choosing a winner means.

"It is prestigious. The festival is the largest one-day maple syrup festival in the world," explains Brian Bainborough, President of the Ontario Maple Syrup Association.

"How can you get better bragging rights than that? I think it shows they have quality behind them. They care about their product."

The winner will be announced at the Waterloo-Wellington Maple Syrup Producers' first tree tapping ceremony later this month.