KITCHENER – We know the winners and losers of the election. Now, it's time for cleanup.

Election signs have to be removed by the end of the day on Thursday.

Unsurprisingly, Green Party candidate Mike Morrice plans to recycle some of his signs, an option for candidates across Waterloo Region and Wellington County.

The signs have to be brought in to Waste Management facilities—they can't just go in the blue box.

They have to be broken down, too, meaning the plastic has to be separated from the wooden stake or metal frame.

The plastic signage can be recycled for free in Wellington County, or in Waterloo Region for the $5 minimum fee, but there may be additional charges for the metal or wood.

Reusing is an option for candidates who plan to run again. They may want to keep their signs, because, in a minority government, we may be back at the polls sooner than four years.