KITCHENER -- With many parents being forced to make other arrangements due to rotating strikes, both employers and employees are feeling the pressure.

Many parents opt to take a sick day or vacation day, work for home, or bring their kids to work.

For Jacqui Aube, an employee at Vincenzo’s, she says this week she will be forced to take a day off to look after her children on Friday.

“It is not ideal. It's a day that I lose. That my family loses,” said Aube.

The shop's co-owner says the strike has impacted several of employees, which in turn can lead to slower service.

This is especially true during the lunch rush, which is the busiest time of the day for the store.

“We have about 15 staff members that are working over the lunch but when you're short about 25 percent of them it can affect things,” said Carmine Caccioppoli co-owner, Vincenzo’s.

Some parents are opting to work from home, but even that can present its own unique challenges.

“We can’t talk to clients with children screaming in the background,” says parent Janele Buller.

According to a labour economist at Wilfrid Laurier, around 15 percent of working women in Ontario will have to find childcare during the strike, which she says could go on to impact productivity.

"It could become a worse problem if it continues for a few weeks, because many employers are going to have to rethink how they do things at work," said Tammy Schirle, professor of economics at Wilfrid Laurier University.

She says lower income families or those working for smaller companies may have a harder time as vacation days aren't always an option.

"On Thursday, I'm taking a half day off work and on Friday my spouse is taking the other day and a half using up vacation time," said Schirle.

An alternative is bringing your kid to work, but that solution may not fit for all workplaces.

Schirle says there are no strict rules about what an employer can or can't do with parents in this situation.

She says it usually depends on the size of the employer and whether or not they're able to bring someone else in to do the work.