KITCHENER -- One community member has started a search for a driver who she saw guide a group of ducklings away from the fast lane of Hwy. 85.

Hillary Pugh put out a call to a popular Waterloo Region Facebook group on Saturday recounting a sight she saw on the expressway in Kitchener.

“I passed a black jeep with four ways on trailing behind a group of ducklings against the median against the fast lane,” she wrote. “This was somewhere between the split for the Victoria off ramp and I was so touched that a driver would try to help guide the little guys away from the fast lane and I would love to know what happened.”

While no comments specify what happened or who the driver may be, one community member wrote that her daughter noticed the ducklings as well and contacted Waterloo Wildlife Haven.”

"Thanks whoever you are for doing your best to help wildlife get through a crazy highway,” writes Pugh. “Honestly it made my day to witness that and I am going in to work with a sense of hope.”