Witnesses say the small plane drifted back and forth and spun in circles before falling out of the night sky and crashing into a cornfield last Friday, resulting in the deaths of four people.

Llori Nicholls was walking her dog with her husband along side road six last night when she saw the plane fall from the sky. She says it was drifting in the air spinning in circles before it came crashing down.” At first we thought maybe it was practicing some tricks, but then we realized that it was in distress.” She says the engine restarted but it was too late.

Prepared to help, the Nicholls family grabbed a first aid kit and sleeping bag from their house and then went looking for the plane.

21-yeard-old Curtis Bults was getting ready to leave for a baseball game when heard the plane go down behind his house.” It sounded like a whiny noise, like a go-kart, like a small plane going 'Eee Eeee Eeeee!,'

"And (then) a couple second delay, and I heard a thud. I heard kind of a shake in the ground." Bults said his two dogs were "absolutely freaking" from the noise, which could be heard clearly even though all the windows in the house were closed. He then jumped onto his ATV to investigate.

He drove it through the adjacent cornfields but couldn't find anything. After about 10 minutes, he returned home.” I heard it but there was no smoke or anything," says Bultz. "There was no smoke at all. That's what you think (that) there'd be something but there was nothing."

Around 8:30 p.m., two of his neighbours arrived, asking to use the phone. "(They said) 'We need to call 911, we just saw a plane spiral to the ground, and we didn't see it come back up because we heard a thud," Bultz says it took him, his neighbours and emergency crews until 10:30 p.m. before they were able to locate the plane wreckage.

Once it was found, his father used a tractor to carve out a path for the emergency crews to get to the scene, he said. "It was the middle of nowhere," says Bultz. "It was in the middle of a 50-acre cornfield."

Visibly shaken and in tears, one of the crash victims’ uncle says, his 20-year-old nephew who was piloting the plane when it went down was "Better than his heart… he was something like… I don’t have words.”

Police say their bodies have been transported to Hamilton General hospital for autopsies.