Dozens of people gathered in front of Kitchener City Hall on Tuesday to voice concerns about escalating police violence.

The demonstration was in response to last week’s shooting of 20-year-old Beau Baker, who died following an altercation with police.

“Anytime … you harm anybody or you kill anybody, you pay for the rest of your life, and so shall that police officer,” demonstrator Rick King told the assembled crowd.

As police watched, in case things got out of hand, protesters expressed outrage at the shooting and concern that the police officer under investigation for his role in it was quickly brought back to active duty.

“Raising a 12-year-old and trying to explain this to him … I have no words to say. I have no explanation for him,” said Cameron Henrich, a friend of Baker’s brother.

“From what I understand, a lot of people fear the police – even when they see them in their rear view mirror. That’s not right.”

A Waterloo Regional Police officer with less than 10 years’ experience is subject to an SIU investigation in connection with the shooting.

Seven other officers are considered witnesses.

Police are also investigating whether an act of mischief outside the police station in Waterloo is in some way a reaction to the shooting or its aftermath.

A red substance – which appeared to be blood but was not actually blood – was poured over statues of a lion and lamb outside the station Tuesday afternoon.

“There may be a connection. We are doing a criminal investigation,” Staff Sgt. Mike Haffner said.

Police believe the liquid was poured by a man, who then ran eastward away from the station.