WOODSTOCK -- Woodstock police are investigating after several vehicles in a north-end neighbourhood had their tires slashed over the weekend.

Officials said sometime overnight between Saturday and Sunday an unknown suspect or suspects slashed the tires of several vehicles in the area of Sydenham and Sloan Streets.

So far there have been 31 victims, police said, but they believe there could be more.

Wes Mitchell was one of the victims. He said he was alerted of the slashing spree by a neighbor who knocked on his door to tell him his tires were slashed.

“He had been driving around the neighbourhood and met with what he claimed was about 50 people that had been damaged overnight. It was a surprise to me, we didn’t hear anything overnight. We were in the house all night,” Mitchell said.

He had two vehicles in his driveway and said three of the eight tires were slashed.

Police estimate total damages to be around $10,500.

Andrew Ormston's minivan's tires were also slashed, and his vehicle was keyed.

"We haven't even had it two weeks yet," he said.

Police have surveillance video from residents, but are still hoping for more help from the public.

"Not all camera footage at nighttime is usable, so if people actually saw something in person, that's also super helpful," Const. Shaylyn Jackson said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.