Already a fixture in several Toronto neighbourhoods, Kitchener will be giving cyclists the okay to travel both ways on a pair of one-way streets.

It's thanks to a newly-approved pilot for contraflow bike lanes in the downtown core.

The lanes will allow cyclists to go both ways on the one-way portions of Duke Street East and Young Street. It won't be a free for all, though—the lanes going against traffic will be protected, preventing traffic in opposing directions from interfering.

Kitchener first installed a contraflow bike lane on Nyberg Street back in 2014.

The goal of the latest two is to allow cyclists to access other established bike lanes, as well as travel easily to the Kitchener City Hall Ion station.

They'll cost the city a combined $56,000.

The pilot project was approved at Monday night's council meeting after first being proposed back in April.

The original proposal would have sacrificed seven on-street parking spaces.

City council and staff members have since discussed increasing free, short-term parking on Ahrens Street West by removing some underused parking meters.

Young Street proposed contraflow bike lane

They also discussed moving a no-parking sign on Maynard Avenue, which would allow for vehicles to park in the new space.

The proposal also suggested that two-hour parking be reinstated on the north side of Duke.