WATERLOO -- If Tuesday's snow didn't make it feel like the holiday season is right around the corner, a tree in Uptown Waterloo might do the trick.

The city put up a 30-foot holiday tree this morning in Waterloo Public Square. It was donated from the Cook Homes development site in Erbsville.

It took crews about an hour to get the tree in place on Wednesday morning. It's been installed in this spot for the past three years.

The City of Waterloo will also set up an outdoor skating rink on Nov. 23. Officials said they hope it will bring back some normalcy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I think the perception, what we've been getting from feedback from residents through the whole season doing our planters for flowers, the tree, it uplifts everybody," said Tim Wolfe, the city's manager of forestry and horticulture. "It's making people feel festive again, it's a good news story for everybody."

Crews will spend the next couple of days decorating the tree with lights, and a virtual lighting ceremony is scheduled for early December.